Josh Madryga . . . MADDRAGON.
Well, what can I say? This dragon is mad. Crazy. A complete fool.
But he’s also passionate and loves his job.
Stunts. Stuntman. Stunt professional.
He gets to play all day, and help make television and film come alive.

You might not see it as play, but work.
He loves his work so much that it has become play to him.
You might not see him at work, but you can see the product of all the work he does.
The car chases, battle scenes, fights, hits and explosions.

All of this is stunts.
Through the work of his life, our entertainment is born.

Josh Madryga has been performing as a stuntman since he was 4 years old. Throughout his youth, constantly looking to other stunt professionals, such as Jackie Chan, Josh has never stopped pushing the limits of what he can do. A perfectionist, Josh will never give up on a challenge until it is “perfect” in his eyes. Countless crashes and sleepless nights are routine when capturing that unique shot.

His first stunt, at the age of 4, involved jumping off the roof of his neighbor’s home. From that point on, its only been bigger and better.

As a young teen living north of Toronto, Ontario, Josh always found a love with the extreme. Snowboarding and GT snow racing were a high priority in the winter months while BMXing and skateboarding at homemade skate parks consumed his summers. Flipping, twisting, and turning with his daredevil friends, he continued to get wilder.

Following his graduation from school Josh began working full-time as a prominent welder. Creativity flowed through his hands, working with metal to make new and unique sculptures. When work was no longer a challenge for him and professional stunt opportunities became available, there was only one option. A letter of resignation was given, and a new career for Josh Madryga was born.

Studying under stunt driving heavy weights such as Gil Combs, and Dwayne McLean, Josh honed his natural talents behind the wheel. Josh’s car soon became his signature among the local townspeople who recognized his extreme but precise driving. Under the instruction of Ilan Rosenberg he practiced conditioning his body for extreme endurance, high falls, sword and knife skills, and fight choreography. Josh quickly established himself as a fast learner and someone who could not be taken lightly. This guy never turns down the chance to try something new.

Josh is currently working on a number of lead stunt roles while building strong relationships with industry renowned stunt coordinators, working both locally and internationally.